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The dwellings at Oranjehof are intended for occupation by self-sufficient senior citizens from the age of 60.

Presently there are 65 single rental houses, 13 double rental houses, and 8 so-called “add-on” rental houses. In addition there are 22 houses which are sold on the “liferight” principle.

All houses are single story.

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The single rental houses consist of a combined lounge/bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, small front garden and a closed-in porch at the back for rubbish bins etc.

The double rental houses consist of a lounge and separate bedroom. For the rest they are identical to the single rental houses.

The so-called "add-on" rental houses have either an extra bedroom or the rooms are larger than the other rental houses. These houses also have a small front garden and closed-in porch at the back

View of Accommodation

There are 2 types of liferight houses. These consist of a large lounge/dining room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, garage attached to the unit, a garden in front and back as well as a closed-in porch.